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"My standards are set pretty high. Mark from the beginning I was extremely impressed with. Even from the initial consultation, which was a Skype consultation, which for me being the hours that I have, it’s hard for me to get away from my practice. We were able to go over everything, ask and answer any questions that I had.
Mark has such a great bedside manner. It really makes you feel special. The follow up care, the phone calls, ensuring that everything is going well. His personality along with his surgical skill, I can’t imagine recommending (using) anyone else to have this done."
- Dr. Matthew Cerniglia
Robotic Surgery Recipient*
Hair Transplants Are Now Up To 25% Faster With ARTAS*

The ARTAS robot technology allows the doctor to do your procedure up to 25% faster. Plus you can return to your daily activities much quicker. Many patients describe the procedure as just a light pressure on their heads, no major discomfort in most cases.
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